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Outreach and Education – SKA Comic

The adventures of the SKAnimals

The SKA’s outreach extends to engaging young scientists with the concepts behind what will be the world’s largest radio telescope. Aimed at primary school children, the adventures of the SKA animals is a perfect introduction to the world of radio astronomy using fun cartoon characters.

The stories tell the tales of the SKAnimals, who are four animal friends, and their teacher Bryan, at a school in the desert as construction of the SKA begins.

The comic series is designed to give 7-11 year old children an introduction to the SKA, show what the telescope will look like, what it will do and what the benefits will be.

The adventures of the SKAnimals No. 3

Download issue 3 here

The adventures of the SKAnimals No. 2

Download issue 2 here

The adventures of the SKAnimals No. 1

Download issue 1 here

You are welcome to download, print and distribute the comic.


The complete Adventures of SKAnimals are also now available in Dutch.

SKAnimals Issue one – Dutch

SKAnimals Issue two – Dutch

SKAnimals Issue three – Dutch

Translations provided by ASTRON

If you would like to translate the comic into your own language, versions with blank speech bubbles are available. Please contact us to find out more.

The adventures of SKAnimals comic series is produced by Zengranade Studios and is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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