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Board of Directors

The work of the SKA Organisation is overseen by its Board of Directors which has the authority to appoint senior staff, decide budgets, admit new project partners to the organisation and direct the work of the global work package consortia.

Every full SKA Member appoints two representatives to the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

Chair of the board: Prof. John Womersley

Directors Country
Mr Martin Hoffman (voting)
Dr. Sarah Pearce
Dr Gregory G. Fahlman (voting)
Prof. Bryan Gaensler
Mr Jun Yin (voting)
Prof. Peng Bo
Prof Yashwant Gupta (voting) India
Dr. Giampaolo Vettolani (voting)
Dr. Luigina Feretti
Ms Patricia Vogel (voting)
Prof. Mike Garrett
Mr Jonathan Kings (vice-chair) (voting)
A/Prof. Melanie Johnston-Hollitt
New Zealand
Dr. Phil Mjwara (voting)
Dr. Bernie Fanaroff
South Africa
Prof. Lars Börjesson (voting)
Prof. John Conway
Prof. Paul Alexander (voting) UK