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SKA Organisation Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

SKA Organisation (SKAO) is committed to the highest standards of business ethics and as such expects everyone involved in SKAO-related business to uphold the standards and expected professional behaviour set out in this Code of Ethics.

This Code of Ethics (the Code) includes participation in SKAO-sponsored or organised activities (e.g., meetings, publications, etc.) as well as covering all staff members, temporary workers, secondees, interns, consortium members, contractors, agents, affiliates, meeting attendees and others working for or on behalf of the SKA Organisation.

This Code sits alongside the SKAO Code of Conduct which is also applicable for anyone who works directly for SKAO either as a staff member, temporary worker, secondee, intern or contractor and includes those acting on behalf of the organisation such as members of the SKAO Board of Directors.

This Code of Ethics does not form part of any employee’s contract of employment and SKAO may amend it at any time.

To read the full Code of Ethics, please follow the link below:

SKAO Code of Ethics – November 2017