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Board Executive Committee

Terms of Reference

The SKA Board will establish an Executive Committee to assist the Director-General of the SKA Organisation by providing advice, setting Board meeting agendas and other matters.

The Executive Committee [XC] will be established with the following terms of reference:

  1. The XC will comprise of the Independent Chair of the Board and up to five Directors of the SKA Board: the vice-Chair, representatives of the two host countries if not already represented, a representative of the HQ host if not already represented, and a science Director elected by the Board. The latter will be appointed with due regard for geographical diversity and committee coverage of skills for a term of two years. The quorum for meetings shall be four Directors. The Director-General and Company Secretary will be invited to attend XC meetings. Guests may be invited to attend XC meetings by the Chair on an as needed basis.
  2. The Board of Directors appoints members of the XC. An XC member may appoint a proxy drawn from the Board if he/she is unable to attend a meeting. A proxy appointed for either host country or the HQ host shall be a Board member from that country and shall be fully empowered to represent the absent XC member.
  3. The XC will meet on an as-needed basis, normally by tele- or video-conference.
  4. The XC will:
    • provide advice to, and serve as a sounding board for, the Director-General on emerging issues, problems and initiatives,
    • develop Board agendas and will be consulted in the development of key Board papers as appropriate,
    • receive reports from management on performances of senior staff and undertake the evaluation of performance of the Director General,
    • will be responsible for the financial oversight of the SKA Organisation; it has financial authority for expenditures over £150,000 and within budget, as defined in the SKA Organisation’s financial policies, and
    • monitor the implementation of the Board’s decisions.
  5. The XC shall bring major issues or changes to agreed strategy, objectives and actions to the full Board’s attention.
  6. The XC has no general decision making mandate. Decisions may be delegated to the XC by the Board of Directors on an ad-hoc basis. For the few issues where decision is required it should be by consensus. Otherwise the issue should go back to the Board for decision.
  7. The agenda of meetings of the XC shall be circulated to the Board of Directors at least 1 week before the XC meeting. Papers and minutes of the XC meetings should normally be accessible for Board Directors, except for sensitive material such as staff reviews for staff below the level of the Director-General.
  8. The XC membership will be reviewed annually.


Executive Committee (XC)

Chair of the XC : Catherine Cesarsky

Representative Affiliation
Jane Urquhart Dept. of Industry, Innovation and Science (AU)
Yashwant Gupta NCRA (IN)
Rob Adam SARAO (ZA)
Lars Börjesson Chalmers University (SE)
Mark Thomson UKRI (UK)

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