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Strategy and Business Development Committee (StratCom)

Terms of Reference

The SKA Board

Recognising that the current (pre-construction phase) SKA Organisation is in transition to an inter-governmental organisation (IGO), with the commencement of a formal negotiation process; and

desiring to finalise the development of a Key Document Set, which comprises the essential documents to support the establishment of the SKA Observatory and supporting business case for the construction and operation of SKA1

wish to re-state the role of the Strategy and Business Development Committee (StratCom) with the following terms of reference:

  1. The StratCom will assist the SKA Board by providing advice on any such policy matters required by the Board, or by the IGO negotiation process, considered relevant to the continuing development of the Key Document Set and supporting strategies and policies. The StratCom will maintain a workplan, to be approved by the Board and overseen by the Board at regular intervals.
  2. In order to maximise the exchange of information and secure the widest possible inputs, the membership of StratCom will comprise representatives nominated by SKA Member organisations and approved by the Board. Representatives of SKA Organisation ‘observer’ countries or organisations will also be invited to participate at the discretion of the Chair of the Committee. As required, the Chair or a Member representative may choose to invite additional specialist expertise to participate in meetings or advise the group.
  3. The Director-General of SKA Organisation will be a standing member of the StratCom; the SKA Office will provide the secretariat.
  4. The Chair of the StratCom will be appointed by the Board. StratCom may elect a vice-Chair from within its membership, able to coordinate meetings in the absence of the Chair.
  5. The StratCom will consider issues, questions and undertake tasks supporting the formal IGO negotiation process if requested by that process or through its supporting working groups.
  6. In supporting the preparation of national business cases by the SKA Members, the StratCom will develop elements in the business case for SKA1 which seeks to articulate the return on investment in SKA1 construction and operation to Government and participating organisations. An initial aspect of this work will be the development of a ‘Prospectus’ for SKA1.
  7. The StratCom will consider and foster the potential for innovation outcomes of the SKA project reflecting industrial and technology benefits, along with educational, outreach and other non-science impacts.
  8. The StratCom will develop a membership and engagement strategy with the aim of attracting new member states, organisations and other potential contributors to the SKA project. In particular, the StratCom will seek to strengthen relations with other regional and IGO stakeholders.


Strategy and Business Development Committee (StratCom)

Chair of the StratCom : Daan du Toit (Dept of Science and Technology, ZA)

Members Affiliation
Daan du Toit (Chair) Dept of Science and Technology (ZA)
David Luchetti (Vice-Chair) Dept of Industry, Innovation and Science (AU)
Greg Fahlman National Research Council (CA)
Michiel van Haarlem ASTRON (NL)
Justin O’Byrne STFC (UK)
Michel Perault CNRS (FR)
QIN Bo National Astronomical Observatories (CN)
Simon Rae Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (NZ)
Catarina Sahlberg Swedish Research Council (SE)
Sakuntala Thyagarajan Department of Atomic Energy (IN)
Luca Valenziano INAF (IT)

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