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Equality & Diversity Working Group

The purpose of the Equality and Diversity Working Group (EDWG) is to provide assurance to SKA Organisation that it is meeting its equality and diversity obligations and to support the company in developing policies and practices that support and promote a culture of equality of opportunity. The Group will progress equality and diversity related issues across SKA Organisation and, where requested, promote best practice within the wider SKA community.

The group aims to provide direction for SKA Organisation to:

  • Ensure equality and diversity within the company, and seek to ensure SKA Organisation office demographics match those of the member countries, while adhering to relevant equality legislation.
  • Aim to ensure that equality and diversity issues are addressed within the wider SKA community.
  • To provide a forum for discussion of issues related to all aspects of equality and diversity.


  • Simon Berry (Director of Policy Development)
  • Altomese Stevenson (Project Officer)
  • William Garnier (Director of Communications, Outreach and Education)
  • Mathieu Isidro (Deputy Communications and Outreach Manager)
  • Maria Grazia Labate (System Engineer)
  • Evan Keane (Project Scientist)
  • Sarah Jane Pritchard (Executive Officer)
  • Andrew Taylor (HR Manager – Chair)

You can contact any individual member of the EDWG through the SKAO staff page.

Roles of Membership:

  1. To regularly attend meetings of the group.
  2. To contribute fully to enabling the group to comply with its Terms of Reference
  3. To undertake duties assigned by the group.
  4. To act as advocates of the Equality & Diversity Working Group and the broader equality and diversity agenda within their profession and the company.
  5. To ensure that the work of the group and the broader equality and diversity agenda is communicated through the SKA community.
  6. To effectively bring to the group, the views of the professional bodies to which they belong.

Terms of Reference:

  1. To develop and regularly review SKA Organisation Equality and Diversity policies and to make recommendations to the Management Team on any changes required, including the development of new policies
  2. To monitor areas of SKA Organisation performance (including recruitment, retention and progression) in relation to equality indicators
  3. When asked by the Management Team, to develop key performance indicators (KPI) and identify risks relating to recruitment, training, retention and progression and/or assist the Management Team in developing these.
  4. To monitor, review and report progress against KPIs and towards the equality objectives to the Management Team
  5. To initiate consultative activity (eg through focus groups), receive feedback from that consultation, and make recommendations for appropriate action.
  6. To identify examples of good practice and promote their dissemination, as a means of promoting equality of opportunity and a high performance culture at SKA Organisation;
  7. To advise the Management Team on the resources required to promote and enable equality of opportunity;
  8. To monitor SKA Organisation progress towards attaining and retaining relevant awards and groups memberships. These include, but are not limited to: Athena Swan, Two Ticks Award and Women in STEM.
  9. To work within the Equality and Human Rights Commission guidelines and codes of
  10. practice.
  11. In addition, Working Group members may be needed to join ad hoc panels called to undertake equality analysis activity.


If you would like to contact the Equality & Diversity Working Group, you can do so here. Your enquiry will be treated confidentially.

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