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Intellectual Property

Image of a PAF

Phased Array Feed (PAF) receiver systems are one of the key technologies for the future of radioastronomy. (Credit: CSIRO)

The SKA is a next-generation radio telescope which is planned to have the equivalent of around one million square metres of collecting area. This mega-telescope is designed to study the Universe with unprecedented speed and sensitivity.

Development of the knowledge and technologies to achieve this goal will involve the collaboration of radio astronomy institutes, research and development agencies, and industry from around the world.

Many of these developments will involve generic technologies with important potential in adjacent markets.

The SKA Organisation aims for collaboration and protection of IP rights among collaborators are as follows:

The SKA Organisation:

  • Requires there to be unrestricted access to relevant intellectual property for the purposes of its development and operation. It will achieve this by:
    • Exploiting the existing collaborative approach demonstrated by the current project contributors in the sharing of IP
    • Managing the expectations of industry and their requirements (which may be motivated by profit and non-economic considerations)
    • Take all practical steps to minimise the risks of:
      • Infringement of IP protection
      • A lack of competition in procurement
      • The inhibition of project development and progress by formal and protracted IP control processes.
  • Will inform all interested parties in the SKA about IP that has been contributed or created.
  • Will provide protection to the inventor and host institution, while allowing this IP property to be used in an unfettered manner by all SKA signatories to the MOA, for SKA-related development.

The SKA Organisation’s interim SKA Intellectual Property Policy [SKA-GOV.POL-SKO-POL-001 Rev X], and can be downloaded here.