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SKA Cosmic Dawn-Epoch of Reionization Science Assessment Workshop

A science assessment workshop focused on the SKA1 Baseline Design and its ability to conduct science observations relevant to Cosmic Dawn and the Epoch of Reionization was hosted by the SKA Office on 2013 March 26–28. Outcomes available here

Day 1 (March 26)
Session: Introduction & Science Overview
Welcome and Introduction Diamond, Lazio
Science Overview: H I global signal and power spectrum Pritchard
Science Overview: 21 cm forest Mack
Science Overview: foregrounds Abdalla
Science Overview: radio recombination lines and foregrounds Bemmel
discussion Santos (Chair)
Session: Precursor and Pathfinder lessons
PAPER Aguirre
LOFAR de Bruyn
MWA Briggs
LEDA Greenhill
EDGES Bowman
Day 2 (March 27)
Session: Baseline Design
science requirements: Office perspective Huynh
science requirements: community perspective Koopmans
Baseline Design Dewdney
computational issues Cornwell
discusson of Baseline Design Mellema, Huynh
Session: Operations Concept
State of Numerical Simulations 1 Semelin
State of Numerical Simulations 2 Ahn
Discussion: expected data products (including intermediate products), ancillary data, meta-data Cornwell
Path to SKA2 Webster, Koopmans, Huynh, Dewdney
Day 3 (March 28)
Changes to the Baseline Design Stevenson
Summary of workshop Lazio, Huynh, Koopmans, Pritchard

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