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SKA Memo Series

Welcome to the SKA Memo Series page !

The SKA is like any other research infrastructure; it is created through a meeting of minds, and these minds need to express themselves. The SKA has always had a Memo series, and in the early (PrepSKA) era, key documents were written as Memos. Today, key documents are part of the engineering document corpus. However, the challenges of the Project are such that a Memo Series remains a useful avenue of expression, such as deep engineering analysis or speculative papers on SKA exploitation. The principle is that most forms of expression are encouraged, including criticism. If editorial control is exercised, it will be limited to matters of factual accuracy and presentation. SKA Memo Series Framework document is available here, containing further information about the remit for SKA memos, the rules and the editorial process.

As follows you can find all Memo series developed past the Critical Design phase of SKA1. To view historic SKA memo series, please go to the following publications section.

Memo 20-01: SKA1 Beyond 15GHz: The Science case for Band 6

  • Authors: J. Conway, R.Beswick, T.Bourke, M.Coriat, C.Ferrari, I.Jimenez-Serra, S.Muller, M.Sargent
  • Editors: J.Wagg, S.Breen
  • Date published: February 2020

Memo 20-02: SKA-1-LOW Antenna selection: Description of the LPD antenna candidates

  • Authors: E.Acedo (WP lead), G.Virone, P.Bolli, H.Pienaar, A.Tibaldi, B.Van Ha, Brett Wakley, N.Draught, N.Razavi, A.Faulkner
  • Editors: M.Labate, P.Bolli
  • Date published: August 2017

To submit a document to the series, contact the SKA Head of Mission Assurance.