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Board of Directors Meeting on 19 March 2012

The Board of Directors of the SKA Organisation held a meeting in Manchester, UK on Monday 19 March 2012. The Board formally noted the admission of Canada, represented by the National Research Council, Canada (NRC), as the 8th member of the SKA Organisation.

The main item of business at this meeting was to consider the site report and recommendation. Board members had the opportunity to question the chairs of the SKA Site Advisory Committee (SSAC) and the SKA Siting Group (SSG), and to clarify a number of the SSAC’s conclusions.

The Board agreed to pass on the site recommendation to the members of the SKA Organisation, together with a commentary that captured the Board discussion and noted certain issues.

The members will meet in Amsterdam on 3 April 2012, but it is not likely that this meeting will make a final decision on the site; rather it will be the start of a process of discussion and negotiation between the members.

The Board will next meet in Amsterdam on 4 April 2012 for one of its quarterly meetings to oversee the activities of the SKA Organisation.

These ‘Notes of the Chair’ for the Board meeting on 19 March 2012 are available here.