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Discovering the unknown: SKA’s new trailer wins European Excellence Award

Berlin, Germany, Friday 9 December 2016 – At a ceremony last night in Berlin, the SKA was awarded the 2016 European Excellence Award in Public Relations in the category Corporate Film & Video for its new trailer. The awards honour outstanding achievements in communication and PR in different categories (see the list of winners).

The video introduces the SKA project, conveying its global & ambitious nature, the challenges it faces and the passion of people behind the project including engineers, scientists, policy makers and leaders. The trailer format aims to create a wow factor with the audience and a sense that this is “coming soon”.

“We’re absolutely thrilled. We set out to highlight the scale & ambition of the project, the big questions it aims to answer but also the complexity of it. We were very keen to showcase the diversity of people, roles, expertise and nationalities that defines us. These are real people speaking passionately about their work, so it’s a great testament to them to have won this award.” said William Garnier, Director of Communications, Outreach & Education for the SKA.

The video, made by the production company Polar Media based in London, was produced over 5 months. Three rounds of interviews were conducted to feature as many people as possible, and many international partners in the project provided high quality footage from labs, workshops and remote locations around the world where work is taking place to deliver the SKA.

“We’d been wanting to work with SKA ever since hearing about the project. We’re passionate about science & technology and this project has all of these great ingredients, so we really wanted to tell the world about it. It’s been a great adventure to produce it and talk to all these bright minds about what they’re trying to achieve.” said Joe Kane, who directed the video for Polar Media.

The film premiered at the opening ceremony of the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) in Manchester in July 2016, in front of some 1,000 delegates including ministers, Nobel prizes, European Policy makers, scientists and media. It was the highlight of a 25min session on radio astronomy hosted by Prof. Brian Cox and featuring a history of the development of radio astronomy, as well as live video links to the headquarters of the SKA at Jodrell Bank near Manchester and to the SKA sites in South Africa and Australia.