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Discovering the unknown: watch the new trailer introducing the SKA!

What did the Universe look like when the first galaxies formed? What is dark matter? And is there life out there? These are some of the big questions astronomers around the world are trying to answer.

But to answer them, they need a machine unlike any other. A time machine, an IT machine.

Hundreds of engineers in all time zones of the world are working together, pushing technology to its limits – and in the process generating new knowledge that could improve our everyday lives – to build the largest science facility ever built by mankind and probe the deep Universe.

What will they discover? The unknown.

Executive Producers: SKA Organisation Communications Office
Made by Polar Media
With Thanks to ASTRON / CBBC Newsround / CETC54 / CSIRO / Emil Lenc (CAASTRO/SIfA) / MWA – Curtin University / NRC / NWO / SKA SA for footage supplied; the University of Manchester’s Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre and Onsala Space Observatory for access; the SKA staff who made this video possible.
Copyright: CC-BY-NC-ND