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Funding boost for SKA Precursor HERA telescope


Image of the HERA telescope at the Losberg Site in the Karoo desert. Credit: Danny Jacobs

Friday 21 September 2016, SKA Global Headquarters, UK – The Hydrogen Epoch of Reionisation Array (HERA) has been awarded international funding with a $9.5 million investment to expand its capabilities, as announced on Wednesday 14th September by the US National Science Foundation.

HERA, which was recently granted the status of SKA precursor telescope by SKA Organisation, currently has 19, 14-metre radio dishes at the SKA South Africa Losberg site near Carnarvon. With this fresh injection of $9.5 million, this will allow the array to expand to 220 radio dishes by 2018.

HERA is an experiment focused on one science goal – detecting the Epoch of Reionization signal – and is not a general facility. As part of this effort, HERA is developing techniques, algorithms, calibration and processing pipelines and hardware optimised towards the detection of the power spectrum of the EOR, all of which will benefit SKA in designing and eventually operating the SKA-low telescope to be based in Australia.

Read the full press release from Berkeley News here.