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Word of the week: Transformational science

This week’s Word of the Week is by our Director of Science, Robert Braun, who explains what we mean when we talk about transformational science:

Transformational science

“By transformational science we mean science that will have wide implications across multiple fields, and not just in technical areas but also beyond. The SKA will revolutionise our understanding of the Universe in many ways, giving us deeper insights into the super-massive, condensed objects called black holes, the nature of dark matter, the properties of dark energy, but also of cosmic magnetism and gravity, and thus improving our understanding of physics itself. The SKA will also aim to answer whether Life exists elsewhere in the Universe. Should it answer that question, it would have immense repercussions from science to religion and philosophy. We should also be ready for more unexpected things the SKA could discover. The SKA’s ability to fundamentally influence many fields is what makes it a transformational science machine.”

For more on the science the SKA will tackle, visit this page.

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