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News Centre

Welcome to the SKA News Centre!

The News Centre aims to provide a one-stop portal for all SKA media activities, including our latest news stories, multimedia content, newsletters and events.

We encourage journalists and the public to use SKA images and videos in their news releases, features, blogs or websites, and simply request that the material is properly credited as indicated in the material. If no indication is provided, please simply credit the SKA Organisation. You can refer to the copyright notice for full terms of use.

Press Releases

Press Releases are high-level information describing important scientific, technical and organisation developments and achievements, as well as important milestones reached by the SKA Work Packages Consortia. Press Releases are generally distributed via the AAS mailing list, AlphaGalileo and EurekAlert! as well as to the journalists and broadcasters who are part of our own SKA Mailing List. If you would like to subscribe to this mailing list, email William Garnier, SKA Director of Communications, Outreach & Education, detailing who you are, the media you are representing and providing your contact details (full name, phone numbers, email address).

Press contacts

For further information on our media and communications activities please contact:

William Garnier, Director of Communications, Outreach & Education
Mob: +44 (0) 7814 908 932
Desk: +44 (0) 161 306 9613


Announcements feature stories or events which are of interest to the SKA community. This includes announcing dates and locations of upcoming events, and reporting on interesting developments within the SKA Work Packages Consortia which are not covered in press releases.

Media visits

The SKA welcomes journalists and broadcasters to its sites. Requests must be addressed directly to the SKA Director of Communications, Outreach & Education.

Contact magazine

Contact is the SKA Magazine. A quarterly public-friendly publication produced by SKAO’s Communications team, it covers the broad range of SKA-related activities taking place around the world in a single publication. It was designed for the digital age from the start, and is only available in electronic format. Contact is published via the electronic publishing platform Issuu, and is optimised for mobile viewing (The Issuu app is available via the Apple and Google App Store). Contact comes out in early March, June, September, and December.

Archive materials

SKAO Bulletin 

Until 2018, the SKAO Bulletin was published as a bi-monthly update on the project and activities of staff at the SKA Organisation Headquarters at Jodrell Bank.

SKA eNews

The SKA eNews was a quarterly publication informing about the latest events and news at the SKA Organisation and at the SKA partners, providing progress updates on SKA-related developments around the globe and promoting upcoming events of interest for the SKA community. This publication was more technical in nature. You can find the archive of SKA eNews here.



We regularly attend events or conferences in order to raise awareness of the scientific objectives and progress of the SKA telescope project among scientists, policy makers, educational establishments and the general public. Find out about our latest events here.

Brand guidelines

The SKA is a global organisation – its strength lies in the cooperation of international partners. This means that many groups and individuals work and communicate on behalf of the SKA.

The brand guidelines contain rules for use of the logo and other elements of the SKA visual identity.

The guidelines help all project partners to protect the SKA identity, and build uniformity and recognition across the project.

SKA brand guidelines. (PDF Document)