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SKA Brochure, posters and infographics

Below you will find a small selection of outreach material used by SKAO to explain key aspects of the SKA. The outreach promotional materials on this page are free for you to download and keep.

SKAO prospectus

A complete overview of the SKA in a handy printable format! This brochure is a high level introduction to the SKA Observatory (SKAO) and its global collaboration to deliver the SKA telescopes, covering the science, impact, big data, construction, budgets and schedule behind the project. Access it here. 


SKA posters and infographics

Find out more about the SKA with these posters and infographics – click on the image to download a PDF version.

SKA-low infographic

SKA-mid infographic



SKA1 resolution, sensitivity and survey speed

SKA1 size comparison

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