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Awarded contracts

Below you will find the list of all Tier 1 contracts that have been awarded so far by the SKAO since the approval of construction by the SKAO Council on 29 June 2021. 

In total, the SKAO will place over 65 “Tier 1” contracts, representing a total value of 868 million euros. The vast majority are cash where the SKAO is the client, while a few are in-kind, or paid for directly by countries. Below them sit “Tier 2” contracts, placed between Tier 1 contractors and sub-contractors to deliver specific elements of the contract.

The tendering process for all significant SKAO contracts starts when Member country Industry Liaison Officers (ILOs) are pre-notified that an SKAO contact opportunity is coming up. These ILOs have been working, engaging with, and motivating industry and building networks of potential suppliers. They provide information to suppliers in their respective country regarding business opportunities with the SKAO. The Observatory then conducts a market survey in the allocated country to gauge interest from industry and solicit interest in pre-qualifying for the invitation to tender stage by registering on the SKAO Procurement Portal.

​​There are occasions when the SKAO needs to award a contract without going to the market – known as a single-source contract. This happens where extremely specialised skills are needed – like in software – or where a company or partner has been working on very specific aspects of the SKA design over many years and has thus secured unique knowhow. Doing so ensures that the SKAO retains expertise and saves valuable time and money.

After registering interest in an opportunity, all prospective tenderers will be invited to pre-qualify. This is a type of due diligence where the Observatory verifies that, if awarded the contract, a prospective tenderer would be able to successfully carry out the contract work without undue risk. The pre-qualification process is designed to check that prospective tenderers have successfully delivered projects of a similar size and complexity before.

Further information about the SKAO’s procurement process is available here

Companies interested in bidding for SKAO work are invited to get in touch with their ILO and register on the SKAO Procurement Portal to be informed of upcoming opportunities.

This page is updated on a bi-weekly basis, following the latest Tender Subcommittee (TS) meeting that endorses the award of all significant SKAO contracts.

Latest update: December 2021 (TS-05)

Title   Supplier Country   Date
Software Development   Astron – Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy Netherlands   06-Jul-21
Software Development   CGI Netherlands Netherlands   06-Jul-21
Software Development   TriOpSys b.v. Netherlands   06-Jul-21
Software Development   S[&]T – Science and Technology Corporation Netherlands   06-Jul-21
Software Development   Vivo Technical South Africa   06-Jul-21
Software Development   Interaction Design Solutions Srl Italy   06-Jul-21
Software Development   International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) Australia   17-Aug-21
Software Development   Guangzhou University China   17-Aug-21
Software Development   Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Australia   07-Sep-21
MID Infra Professional Services   Zutari South Africa   07-Sep-21
Professional services   SARAO South Africa   19-Oct-21
Software Development   Fourier Space Pty Ltd Australia   19-Oct-21
Software Development   Observatory Sciences Ltd United Kingdom   19-Oct-21
Software Development   CGI IT UK Ltd United Kingdom   19-Oct-21
Software Development   The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd United Kingdom   19-Oct-21
Software Development   Persistent Systems Limited United Kingdom   19-Oct-21
Software Development   Covnetics Limited United Kingdom   19-Oct-21
Software Development   The National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF) Italy   07-Dec-21
Software Development   ALTAR Innovation Portugal   07-Dec-21
Software Development   Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto Portugal   07-Dec-21
Software Development   Critical Software S.A Portugal   07-Dec-21
SPS FPGAs   AVNET Silica (AVNET EMG Ltd) United Kingdom   07-Dec-21
SPS iTPM & Subracks   Sanitas EG Italy   07-Dec-21


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