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Request for Proposals

In March 2013 the SKA office released its request for proposals to the SKA community.

The documentation package can be found herein. Readers are encouraged to consult the RfP document first, followed by the Statements of work, work breakdown structure documents and baseline design.

The respondents are asked, but not required, to register their intent to submit a proposal within two weeks of the release of this call by email to or letter to the Director-General of the SKA Organisation.

The proposals are to be submitted to the SKA Organisation by 17:00 UT on June 10th 2013 at the following address:

SKA Organisation
Jodrell Bank Observatory
Lower Withington
SK11 9DL

The SKA office will be available for clarifications addressed to

The full RfP documentation package can be downloaded as a zip file here.

  • SKA Request for Proposals: download (clarifications available here)
  • Statement of Work for the Study, Prototyping and Preliminary Design of an SKA Element: download (clarifications available here)
  • Statement of Work for the Study, Prototyping and Preliminary Design of an SKA Advanced Instrumentation Programme Technology: download
  • SKA Pre-Construction Top Level WBS: download
  • SKA-1 System Baseline Design: download (clarifications available here)
  • The Square Kilometre Array Design Reference Mission: SKA Phase 1: download
  • SKA System Engineering Management Plan: download
  • The Square Kilometre Array Intellectual Property Policy: download
  • Draft Consortium Agreement: download
  • Document Requirements Descriptions: download
  • SKA Document Management Plan: download
  • SKA Product Assurance & Safety Plan: download (clarifications available here)
  • Change Management Procedure: download (clarifications available here)
  • SKA Interface Management Plan: download (clarifications available here)

Reference Array Configuration data

Position data, in the form of comma separated values for all SKA1 arrays, can be downloaded here. This data is for reference only and is intended to support the preparation of bids to the Request for Proposals. The data is not configuration controlled and may not be used for design.

Request for Proposals – Commonly asked Questions

This section aims to provide clarifications to and respond to queries from interested parties during the Request for Proposals process. If you still have some doubts after consultation of the RfP documents and the list of Q/A below, then we encourage you to address them to

Question: “What is the view of the SKA Office on participation of our colleagues and organisations from non-member countries, e.g. the USA?”
Answer: Section 6 of the RfP letter provides further guidance on this subject. Specifically, while the lead institution should be from a member of the SKA organisation. There is no restriction imposed by the RfP itself on how the consortium is organised or constituted.

Question: “Is it appropriate for individuals, companies, and institutions who do not intend to respond directly, but who do intend to become a member of a responding consortium, to register in this way?”
Answer: Please register as if intending to respond with a brief note that states that this is for information purposes. We prefer to have a single channel rather than one for respondents and one for information.

Question: “I would like to seek clarification on whether the RFP’s are mainly focused on the Consortia to respond to or if the expectation is for Industry partners to respond directly.”
Answer: Industrial partners of existing Consortia who themselves have registered their intent to respond, do not need to register separately.

Question: “Is it the case that Whole of Life costs are a key design requirement for elements of the SKA during the pre-construction work, or is it the case that minimisation of capital expense should be the key design requirement?”
Answer: The preliminary design phase should involve an analysis of the tradeoff between capital and operating costs and should consider a very limited number of alternatives. The choice will involve the SKA Office in detailed discussions. For the purposes of the proposal please indicate what has been assumed in the costing.