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The SKA wishes to acknowledge the many people and groups across the world that have all contributed to the success of this exhibition. Our sincere thanks to all of them, and first and foremost to the artists from each country for their inspiring work and enthusiasm to get onboard this project.

Shared Sky was developed in collaboration with the Yamaji Art Centre in Geraldton, Western Australia and the First People Centre at the Bethesda Arts Centre in Nieu Bethesda, South Africa.

Our thanks go to Jeni Couzyn and all the artists from the Bethesda Arts Centre; as well as Charmaine Green, Glenda Jackamarra and all the artists from the Yamaji Art.

Yamaji Art Centre artists: Nerolie Bynder, Catherine Bynder, Gertrina Bynder, Barbara Comeagain, Charmaine Green, Jenny Green, Sherryl Green, Tracey Green, Jonaya Jones, Basil Jones, Wendy Jackamarra, Kevin Merritt, Barbara Merritt, Gemma Merritt, Susan Merry, Bianca McNeair, Gemma Maher, Debra Maher, Craig ‘Chook’ Pickett, Kyle Pickett and Margaret Whitehurst.

Bethesda Arts Centre artists: Sandra Sweers, Jeni Couzyn, Naasley Swiers, Julia Malgas, , Gerald Mei, Yvonne Merrington, Maria Tamana, , Frendoline Malgas, Felicity Tromp, Rentia Davidson, Esmerelda Tromp, Seraline Tromp, Merlyn Davidson, Rosie Jacobs, Angie Hendricks, Martin Lackay, Riaan Sweers, and James Hartlief.

We would also like to thank Professor John Parkington from the University of Cape Town, for his extensive knowledge of and key role in bringing the rich South African indigenous culture and history into this project.

We would like to thank the John Curtin Gallery, and in particular Amanda Anderson and curator Chris Malcolm, whose invaluable work, art expertise and dedication brought our vision to life.

We would also like to thank Professor Steven Tingay, Director of the MWA, for his support and contribution around the launch of Shared Sky.

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