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Industry Contacts

As the SKA project moves into construction and operational stages, industry will play a crucial role in the delivery and through-life support of the various SKA project work-packages.

The SKA Construction Proposal will be presented to the SKAO Council in June and, assuming the outcome is positive, there will be significant procurement opportunities for industry in SKAO Member countries. These opportunities will be posted on the SKAO Supplier Portal. The link to the SKAO Supplier Portal can be found here.

Individual SKAO Member countries have been assigned responsibility for delivering the various SKA contract work packages and Procurement Services will be sourcing contracts for the goods, services and works required to construct the SKA accordingly. Procurement for the SKA project is expected to range from globally open, restricted to the participating Members, or restricted within particular Member States.

In addition to leading the delivery of these Tier 1 packages there are interesting and exciting opportunities for industry to collaborate internationally as subcontractors and suppliers.

The role of the Industrial Liaison Officer is to initiate communication between SKAO and potential suppliers and to provide information to suppliers in their respective country regarding business opportunities. Your SKA ILO has been fully briefed around the various SKA work packages that have been allocated to your country and timescales for procurement.

Industrial entities interested in learning more about participating in the SKA at either Tier 1, Tier 2 or as valued suppliers should contact their nominated ILO below and register on the SKAO Supplier Portal.

Industry contact points in member and observer countries