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Contact: The SKA Magazine

Contact is the SKA Magazine. Published by the SKA Organisation’s Communications team, it brings together and covers the broad range of SKA activities taking place around the world in a single publication. It was designed for the digital age from the start, and is only available in electronic format. Contact is published via the electronic publishing platform Issuu. Here you will find a link to all published issues of the magazine:

Issue 01: 

Contact: The SKA magazine

Published by the SKAO Communications team.

Editor: William Garnier

Editorial team: Mathieu Isidro, Joe Diamond, Cassandra Cavallaro

Design: Carbon Creative

Submitting an article to Contact

We are eager to showcase the breadth of activities taking place across the SKA world, and as such welcome contributions to Contact from our community! Whether you’re a scientist, engineer, policy-maker, journalist, PhD student or outreach specialist working on or with the SKA, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.  

If you’d like to contribute, please first submit your idea to the SKA Communications team for discussion at We will advise you on the best format for your contribution. There is no submission deadline and you can send your ideas at any time for inclusion in the magazine. SKAO’s Communications team reserve the right to edit and publish contributions at a suitable time, in consultation with the authors. Time-critical contributions will take priority to appear in the following issue. 

Once an idea has been accepted, please refer to the guidelines below:

For all contributions: Include a headline as well as captions and credits for each image. Images should be attached as separate files and submitted in high resolution. Contributions may be submitted into the following categories:

  • Features (Focus on & Insight): Longer length pieces taking an in-depth look at a science result, technology innovation, major event etc. (max. 700 words).
  • News summaries (In Brief & Events): Short round-ups of recent happenings e.g. scientific awards, noteworthy meetings (around 250 words).
  • Featured images and videos: Eye-catching images or videos along with a brief caption (max. 200 words) and credit details. Including, but not limited to, technology, science results, precursors and pathfinders, outreach events, visits to SKA or other sites.
  • Newsletters: We are pleased to feature links to your SKA-related newsletters – send us a URL to the most recent edition.
  • Upcoming events: Let us know the name, date and purpose of the event, and how the SKA is involved in it (e.g. speakers).

Please note that SKA Comms reserves the right to edit submissions prior to publication.