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The SKA Organisation

The SKA Organisation Headquarters, at Jodrell Bank Observatory near Manchester, UK, and the Lovell Telescope in the background. Credit: Juande Santander-Vela

The SKA Organisation has been responsible for coordinating the global activities towards the SKA in the pre-construction phase. This includes engineering, science, site evaluation, operations, strategy, relations with member and prospect member countries, communications and public outreach.  

Its headquarters, at the historic Jodrell Bank Observatory, a UNESCO World Heritage site near Manchester, UK, is home to more than 100 specialists from all over the world, with expertise in science, engineering, project management and a wide range of business enabling functions. As one of the three SKA sites, the SKA HQ will oversee the construction and operation of the SKA telescopes in Australia and South Africa. You can find out more about the SKA Headquarters here.

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