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Equality and Diversity

SKA Organisation takes equality, diversity and inclusion very seriously and have set out an equality vision as detailed:

To create an inclusive culture and environment that values all, is free from bias and which enables SKAO to:

  • Attract, retain and develop a diverse workforce, both now and in the future;
  • Benefit from the talents and different perspectives of all, with obstacles removed which impede development or limit opportunity. Through this, enabling equality of opportunity for all in an environment where everyone can be at their best;
  • Eliminate any form of discrimination within the scope of its activities, whether this be in relation to pay, progression or participation;
  • Be recognised as a role model organisation, which embraces diversity and inclusion, both within the global SKA endeavour and also within the broader global scientific and engineering community.

This vision promotes equality, diversity and inclusion in all its forms. Its scope will extend from SKAO staff members through the SKAO Board and its governing bodies to external SKAO related activities.

Actions to support this vision are being developed with an initial priority on gender and nationality, actions which will be taken forward by our Equality and Diversity Working Group. This group was established in 2015 with the express purpose to:

  • Support equality and diversity within the company, and seek to ensure SKA Organisation office demographics match those of the member countries, while adhering to relevant equality legislation;
  • Aim to ensure that equality and diversity issues are addressed within the wider SKA community;
  • Provide a forum for discussion of issues related to all aspects of equality and diversity;
  • Drive actions to support delivery of the equality vision.

The E&D Working Group are sponsored by a Steering Group, a subset of the senior leadership team, and whose remit it is to ensure the Working Group activity is aligned with the broader business plan, whilst providing support, direction and challenge in delivery of the equality vision.

The Working Group are currently seeking feedback to help further inform and improve our E&D action plan.

You may contact the E&D team by sending an email to this link.

Equal Opportunities

SKA Organisation is committed to being an equal opportunities employer. Our aim to is recruit and retain the most talented individuals, regardless of gender, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or nationality.

At all stages of the recruitment process and beyond, we strive to treat applicants and employees with a high standard of care, honesty and politeness.

Women have traditionally been under-represented in the fields of science and engineering; SKA Organisation welcomes and encourages female applicants.

Where applicants with a disability need facilities or adjustments to enable them to participate in the recruitment process, these will be provided. If you need equipment or adjustments to enable you to complete your application and/or attend an interview then please let us know.

Our recruitment pages have more information about working for the SKA Organisation.

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