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Ethical Champions

SKA Organisation (SKAO) have in place a Code of Ethics supported by a summary document Code of Conduct for meetings. These two documents are available here.

The Code of Ethics sets out our expected standards of behaviour for anyone involved in SKAO related activity and defines the formal process should an individual wish to raise a concern.

SKAO recognise concerns may not be lightly raised and so have established two Ethical Champions, specifically designed as a support for anyone who has concerns under the scope of the Code of Ethics.

It is important that individuals working on SKAO related business feel there is somewhere they can go confidentially if they have any reservations at all that they wish to discuss; or just feel they need some advice, guidance or support regarding concerns they may have. This indeed may be advice on whether to raise a formal concern or a request for other related support.

SKAO have two ethical champions as detailed below:

Rosie Bolton, SKA Regional Centre Project Scientist
Mathieu Isidro, Deputy Communications and Outreach Manager

Both Rosie and Mathieu may be contacted via the Ethical Champion mailbox where, if desired, a call back from either one of them may be specifically requested.

Any issues or concerns raised will be treated in the strictest confidence between the individual raising the concern and the Champion. Ethical Champions will not report back to SKAO or other related bodies– unless there is a specific request from the individual concerned to do so. Their purpose is to provide confidential informal support and guidance for individuals involved in SKAO activity and where necessary provide insight on how to raise a complaint.

If anyone has concerns of an ethical issue that is beyond the scope of the Code of Ethics these should be raised in the first instance with Colin Greenwood, Head of Administration.

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