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Here you can find legacy pages and material which may be of historic value for researchers interested in the history of the SKA. 


Founding board of the SKA

Past committees and working groups


SKA/AWS call for proposals for AstroCompute in the Cloud


Design and Deployment Baselines

Request for Proposals

Work package consortium agreement clarifications

Design process (timeline)

Consortium pages & technical descriptions for the work packages

SKA1 Baseline Design document

Click here to download a PDF of the document.
Click here to see the Clarifications on the SKA-1 System Baseline Design.

Concept of Operations (ConOps) for the SKA Observatory document

Click here to download a PDF of the document.

Archive IP Policy

The original draft SKA Intellectual Property (IP) Policy, v0.13, released as part of the RfP documentation package, can be downloaded here.

This document was subsequently revised to take account of feedback received during the RfP period and also to reflect the use of a Memorandum of Understanding to cement the relationship between SKA Organisation and members of each work package consortium.

Archived information relating to the Request for Proposals

Click here to get more information on RFP requests.

The original Draft Consortium Agreement (DCA), released as part of the RfP documentation, was updated and revised following feedback from the SKA Organisation’s Board of Directors (“SKA Board”).  This revised version of the DCA (release date 2013-04-11) can be downloaded here.


SKA comic – The Adventures of the SKAnimals

Outreach materials in other languages


SKAO Bulletin

SKA eNews/Newsletter

SKA acronyms

Equality & diversity questionnaire for AAS participants