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SKA Communications and Outreach Network


The SKA Communications and Outreach Network (SKACON) is composed of communications, outreach and education professionals in SKA partner countries (includes member and prospective member countries) who serve as liaison with the SKA Observatory’s Communications team on matters of communications, outreach, education and stakeholder engagement. They also act as local contacts for the media in connection with SKA developments, media requests, press releases, etc. they may also help to provide useful contacts between the media as well as SKA-related scientists and engineers in their respective country. SKACON members either belong to the institutions which represent a member country in the SKAO Council or are strongly connected to such institution and national stakeholders (media, academia, etc.). In certain cases, when several institutions in the country are involved in the SKA project, several representatives per country are included.


Members of the SKACON and its Steering Committee are as follows (SC members are in bold).


Institution Country
Garnier, William – Chair SKAO SKAO GHQ

Isidro, Mathieu – co Chair

Cavallaro, Cassandra SKAO SKAO GHQ
Diamond, Joe SKAO SKAO GHQ
Govender, Pran SKAO SKAO GHQ
Eccles, Bob Department of Industry Australia
Wheeler, Pete ICRAR Australia

Fredericksen, Kirsten (nee Gottschalk)

CSIRO Australia
Macleod, Kathryn NRC Canada
Min, SHUI SKA China Office China
Jie, Yang SKA China Office China
Fournier, Léa Maison SKA France France
Bonn University Germany
MPIfR Germany
Choudhury, Tirth NCRA India
Guidetti, Daria INAF Italy
Ferroni, Eleonora INAF Italy
Hasegawa, Kenji Nagoya University Japan
Handa, Toshihiro Kagoshima University Japan
Nuijens, Frank ASTRON the Netherlands
Spruit, Alice ASTRON the Netherlands
Brouwer, Elise ASTRON the Netherlands
University of Aveiro Portugal
PT Space Portugal
Domingos Barbosa Instituto de Telecomunicações Portugal
Phasiwe, Khulu SARAO South Africa
Binneman, Anton SARAO South Africa
Garrido Sanchez, Julian
IAA (CSIC) Spain
Verdes-Montenegro, Lourdes IAA (CSIC) Spain
Villaverde, Marcos IAA (CSIC) Spain
Gallardo, Julio IAA (CSIC) Spain
Cumming, Robert OSO Sweden
Sathiapal, Hanna FHNW Switzerland
Padmanabhan, Hamsa UniGE Switzerland
EPFL Switzerland
Smith, Deborah STFC United Kingdom
Gilmore, Jake STFC United Kingdom
Parker-Ellis, Becky STFC United Kingdom
Hillier, Dan STFC United Kingdom
Firth, Samantha STFC United Kingdom
Kay, Hilary University of Manchester

United Kingdom