SKA Organisation Staff

Mark Waterson

Domain Specialist (AA & PAF)

Jeff Wagg

Project Scientist

Jeff is a member of the science team. Originally from Canada, he has worked at observatories on Mauna Kea in Hawaii, the Very Large Array in New Mexico, and ALMA in Chile. He is the scientific liaison for the LFAA, SDP and TM work consortia, as well as the continuum, cosmology and EoR science working groups.

André van Es

Engineering Project Manager (SaDT and MFAA)

André is responsible for the delivery of the SaDT consortium providing networks and timing and frequency distribution and responsible for the MFAA, part of the AIP program. He has over 15 years experience as a project manager within Radio Astronomy at ASTRON and over 10 years experience in industry.

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Wallace Turner

Domain Specialist (Signal Processing)

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Claire Taylor

Administrative Assistant

Andrew Taylor

Human Resources Manager

Responsible for all HR related activity in SKA Organisation.

Corrie Taljaard

System Engineer (RAM & ILS)

Gerhard Swart

MID Telescope Engineer

Luca Stringhetti

Project Engineer

Vlad Stratula

IT Intern Placement

Tim Stevenson

Head of Mission Assurance

Tim’s job is to ensure that the various systems of the SKA fit together when the time comes, that the SKA is fit for purpose and that no unnecessary cost has been introduced by a lack of compatibility across the system. Tim has more than 30 years experience of developing physical sciences instrumentation, mostly for space based astronomy and planet

Harry Smith

Spectrum Policy Manager

Trying to keep our ‘radio window’ on the universe squeaky clean!

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Adriaan Schutte

Power Engineer

Adriaan’s job is to manage and coordinate all power consumption, distribution and supply within the SKA project. This includes working with all consortia to minimize power consumption and to ensure the supply of reliable, low cost and green power to the individual components and the sites.

Juande Santander-Vela

System Engineer (SDP & TM)

Juande will oversee that the work done by the consortia designing the main super-computing SKA subsystems that deal with creating science-ready data, and orchestrating all of the SKA’s functions, complies with all science and technical requirements, and interoperate with the rest of the system elements.

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Faiza Saban

Transition HR Specialist (Secondee)

Nadja Sababa

HR and Office Assistant

Nick Rees

Head of Computing and Software

Sarah-Jane Pritchard

Executive Officer

As Executive Officer, Sarah-Jane provides secretariat support to the Board of Directors, its subcommittees and to the SKA Management team

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Lorenzo Pivetta

Control System Software Specialist

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Lauren Pierpoint-Thomas

Personal Assistant to the Director General

Rodrigo Olguin

System Engineer (SaDT)

Rodrigo joined the SKA System Engineering team in April 2014 to support the Signal and Data Transport subsystem. His previous experience includes the ALMA observatory, where he worked for 7 years.

Job Obiebi

System Engineer (Verification)

Susan Nel

Configuration Manager

Susan’s role is to ensure that the functions of product identification, change management, status accounting and audits are implememented and managed throughout the project. Susan has more that 20 years experience in implementing configuration, content management and document management systems.

Maurizio Miccolis

Engineering Project Manager (SDP & TM)

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Sarah Lamb

Office Manager

As Office Manager, Sarah looks after the day to day administration of the SKA office including travel and event/conference management.

Robert Laing

SKA System Scientist

Theunis Kotze

In House Legal Counsel

Theunis’ main function will be to provide International Law advice on the to-be-created international intergovernmental organisation and associated privileges and immunities, but he will also be very much involved with contractual arrangements and the day-to-day operations of the company.

John Kerr

Safety and Facilities Manager

John joined the SKA after a long career, as a civil & structural engineer, working on a variety of multi-disciplinary projects. As our Project Safety and Facilites Manager he brings a collaborative and practical approach to his various roles enabling the strong safety culture that is embedded in all we do.

Evan Keane

Project Scientist

Dr. Evan Keane is a Project Scientist working with the Science Director. Evan is the project scientist allocated to the Pulsars, Transients and Solar/Heliopheric science working groups and the CSP and SaDT design consortia. Evan’s scientific research includes neutron stars, black holes and fast radio bursts.

Mathieu Isidro

Deputy Communications, Outreach and Education Manager

Mathieu’s job is to help grow political, financial and public support for the SKA project, using print material, media relations, online communication, outreach and education. He is particularly interested in social media tools and has been fascinated by astronomy and space since childhood.

+44 (0) 161 306 9681

+44 (0) 7824 016 126

Peter Hekman

Engineering Project Manager (AIV)

Currently seconded to the SKA Office from ESO, Peter is the AIV Engineering Project Manager. In is spare time he is designing and building a amateur radio station to experiment with microwave wave weak signal detection.

Daniel Hayden

System Engineer (Low)

Daniel’s role is to provide systems engineering support to the design of the SKA1-Low telescope. He is also the systems engineering point of contact with the LFAA design consortium. He comes from South Africa, where he first did an internship with SKA SA ten years ago.

Ian Hastings

Head of Procurement Services

Mark Harman

Engineering Project Manager (Dishes & WBSPF)

Mark co-ordinates all SKA dish activities at SKAO working with the Dish consortia tasked with developing SKA Dishes, Phased array feeds and Receivers which convert the Radio signals from the sky into digital data . This will be transported by the SADT consortia and delivered to the Central signal processor.

Valerie Gresley-Jones

Project Planner

Colin Greenwood

Head of Administration

I oversee the administrative and legal activities of SKA Organisation in support of the operational activities of the Company. I ensure secretariat support is provided to the SKA Board of Directors, its Executive Committee and Members as required.

Philip Gibbs

Engineering Project Manager (CSP & LFAA)

Philip is responsible for the delivery of the Central Signal Processor (CSP) and Low Frequency Aperature Array (LFAA) at the SKAO and co-ordinates activities between the consortia and the SKAO. Philip is experienced in Radio Telescope Design and Deployment having worked on the engineering teams of the KAT-7 and Me

William Garnier

Director of Communications, Outreach and Education

William is in charge of all aspects of communications, outreach and education at the SKA and coordinates comms activities around the world. William has been working in science communication for more than 10 years, first as a science journalist and then at ESO, ALMA and the SKA since November 2012.

+44 (0) 161 306 9613

+44 (0) 7814 908 932

Cristina Garcia-Miro

SKA VLBI Scientist

Paul Furness

IT Manager

Paul runs the internal networks and staff computing within the SKA Organisation HQ. A lot of his work is involved with providing communication tools such as video conferencing and web servers to enable the SKAO to effectively work with the thousands of people and organisations all around the world which are contributing to the SKA Project.

Daniela Franchini


Daniela is responsible for offering a warm welcome and prompt support to all SKA visitors and staff. An essential role which she performs with great enthusiasm.

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Joseph Diamond

Outreach and Events Assistant

Joseph’s job is to assist the Communications and Outreach team with specific, one-off projects, and with general day-to-day operations. He is particulary interested in graphic design tools and has been interested in astronomy since growing up next to the VLA.

+44 (0) 161 306 9664

+44 (0) 7469 153 754

Peter Dewdney


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Theresa Devaney

Transition Coordinator (Secondee)

Miles Deegan

HPC Specialist

Gary Davis

Director of Operations Planning

Prior to joining the SKA project, Professor Gary Davis was Director of the two UK telescopes on Mauna Kea: the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope and the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope. He brings a wealth of experience of observatory operations to his new role of planning for the operational phase of the SKA.

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Fiona Davenport

Head of Human Resources

Anne Curran


Anne has worked as a Receptionist since January 2013 and is responsible
for welcoming visitors, from across the globe, to the SKA Headquarters. Also
involved in arranging, and ensuring the smooth running of, meetings and events
as well as promoting the SKA project at every opportunity. What a fantastic job!

Nathan Cunningham

IT Systems Analyst

Phil Crosby

Industry Liaison Officer

Based in Australia, Phil supports the SKA Policy Development team with expertise in procurement and global industry engagement strategy.

Andrea Cremonini

MID Telescope System Engineer

As system engineer for the for the MID Telescope my role is to provide Engineering support to the design at system level. Reassure that all different parts of the telescope will work together as expected.

Antonio Chrysostomou

Head of Science Operations Planning

Antonio came from the University of Hertfordshire where he was a lecturer and reader in Astrophysics. Previously he was the Associate Director of the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope, in Hawaii. His scientific interests are in star formation. He is also a keen photographer.

Andrea Casson

Head of Project Management Group

Andrea’s job is to develop & implement project management procedures including planning, reporting & risk management. She joined SKA in June 2014 following 20 years working as a project & programme manager on multi-national projects in the telecoms industry & a brief stint as a secondary school physics teacher.

Marco Caiazzo

Senior System Engineer (CSP)

Marco is a member of the SKA System Engineering team contributing mainly to the Central Signal Processor Work Package.

Robert Braun

Science Director

Mark Bowen

Specialist Enginner (RF/Dish)

Tyler Bourke

Project Scientist

Dr. Tyler Bourke comes to the SKA via the CfA in Boston and originally from Australia. He is the PS allocated to the Cradle of Life and Transient SWGs, and the Infrastructure Africa, SaDT, AIV, and MFAA Work Package Consortia. Tyler’s scientific interests lie in the area of Galactic star formation and he has been hooked on astronomy since 3rd grade

Anna Bonaldi

Project Scientist

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Rosie Bolton

SKA Regional Centre Project Scientist

Marco Bartolini

Software Quality Engineer

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Kevin Barriere

Graduate Engineer (Power) (Secondee)

Martin Austin

Engineering Project Manager (Site and Infrastructure)

Martin is a civil engineer and project manager. His job is to work with the separate Infrastructure consortia in both South Africa and Australia tasked with the design of SKA1 infrastructure; roads, buildings, site monitoring equipment, power, water and sanitation.

Qiming Wang

Head of Corporate Strategy

Dr. Qiming Wang works closely with StratCom and the Board members to develop key policies including an Observatory Agreement, a long-term governance structure, a plan for procurement of SKA construction and operation, funding mechanisms and access of observation, etc.

Maria Grazia Labate

Telescope Engineer (Low)

Dr. Maria Grazia Labate’s role is to form the primary link between the Aperture Array Element and the system technical efforts, overseeing and collaborating with the Aperture Array Design and Construction Consortium to ensure that the Element level system engineering products are coherent with the system level.

Simon Berry

Director of Corporate Strategy

Simon joined the SKA Organisation in January 2014. He is responsible for all aspects of policy development in the project, ranging from how the future legal structure and organisation the project will work, to how it will be funded and the broader non-science case for countries investing in the project.

Altomese Stevenson

Project Officer

Alistair McPherson

Deputy Director General & Head of Project

Alistair is reponsible for the delivery of the Construction Proposal for SKA-1and to achieve that, he coordinates the activities of all the consortia developing the current Preliminary Design. In his free time, he deputises for Phil Diamond. Alistair is experienced in large astronomical programmes, having been the E-ELT PM.

Philip Diamond


As Director General of the SKA Organisation, Professor Philip Diamond provides overall leadership for the international coordinating body for the SKA telescope. Philip has 30 years’ experience in the field of radio astronomy and a long standing involvement in the SKA project. Phil’s biography is available at