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Virtual Backgrounds

Please enjoy and use the below images and videos for your virtual conferencing needs. You can use the download link’s to save high-quality versions for each background.

SKA Globe

The SKA project is an international effort to build the world’s largest radio telescope. Credit: SKA Organisation

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SKA Global HQ

External shot of the SKA Global HQ and Lovell Telescope. Credit: SKA Organisation/Cassandra Cavallaro

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Ilgali Inyayimanha – ‘Shared Sky’

“It doesn’t matter where we live on this barna (earth). Nganha (we) are all sharing the same Ilgari (sky). Although we may see different Ilgarijiri (things belonging to the sky) we are looking up at the same stars and constellations. We are Ilgari Inyayimanha (sharing the sky). Bulgari Ingari Inyayimanha. Those two are sharing the sky – Australia and South Africa. Ngahu ilgari Inyayimanha. (We are all sharing the sky).” © Margaret Whitehurst, Jenny Green , Barbara Merritt, Charmaine Green, Kevin Merritt, Sherryl Green, Tracey Green, Wendy Jackamarra, Susan Merry, Johnaya Jones, Gemma Merritt, Craig ‘Chook’ Pickett and Nerolie Blurton – acrylic on linen

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SKA-Mid Prototype

The fully assembled SKA MPI dish on the South African site. SKA MPI is funded by the Max Planck Institute for Radioastronomy (MPIf). Credit: SARAO/Angus Flowers

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SKA-Low Prototype

A 20-second exposure showing the Milky Way overhead the Aperture Array Verification System (AAVS) station. Credit: Michael Goh and ICRAR/Curtin.

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Australian SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP)

Antennas of CSIRO’s ASKAP with the Milky Way overhead. Credit: CSIRO/Alex Cherney

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MeerKAT Telescope

MeerKAT dishes in the Karoo, South Africa. Credit: SARAO

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